About Me

Aspiring penetration tester with a passion for information security.

Focusing on web application security and penetration testing, with interest in reverse engineering & malware analysis. Currently studying for OSCP and sharing the knowledge along the way.

Bug Bounty Programs


Virtual Hacking Labs

#2033572265 / PDF

Currently studying for:

  • OSCP
  • ecMAP


In my free time, I enjoy hunting on bug bouty programs and also playing CTFs on the following platforms:


Invaluable resource for OSCP preparation and leading the game in challenging, new releases that always push the CTF game and HTB platform forward.

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Hack The Box


Interested in hacking but don't know where to start?  TryHackMe is unique in the sense that it offers CTF content as challenging as HTB, but provides full walkthroughs and guided steps along the way.

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Amazing resource for anyone interested in Web Application Security.

Profile: adamsvoboda